Local Bloke’s NRL Multi Destined To Be Ruined By The Warriors

man looking optimistic about his bet on the nz warriors



Jayden Brooking, 29, is still strangely optimistic about the Warriors this weekend.

The degenerate gambler is under the impression that having the struggling Warriors in his NRL multi somehow gives him a better chance of landing a win involving all eight NRL games this round.

The Warriors haven’t won a game in over a month and are currently 14th on the ladder, as they prepare to play the 6th placed Roosters in Sydney on Sunday.

“Yeah, sure, they haven’t won in over a month, but hey, everyone loves an underdog, right? Besides, they’re paying $4.10 at the TAB at the moment!” Brooking said, still delusional about the Warriors’ chances given their form the past four weeks.

Mark Briggs, the wry spokesman for the TAB, couldn’t help but offer his two cents on the matter. 

“Oh, Jayden and his eight-game NRL multis,” he remarked, his voice tinged with amusement. 

“It’s like witnessing a magician attempt to pull a rabbit out of a hat – entertaining, but let’s be real, it’s more likely to end in disappointment than a jackpot.

“Lets just hope Jayden’s multi falls over a few games before the Warriors’ game, to save him some heartbreak”

More to come. 

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