Local Man Doesn’t See The Aurora

man sitting on couch thinking about aurora



Jay Briggs, 35, was keen to see the spectacular aurora phenomenon that graced the night sky last night.

Briggs had been talking about it with workmates after casually coming across it on social media, looking no further than a couple of pictures and a caption. He and several others agreed that it would be “quite cool to see”. 

However as the ethereal lights danced across a handful of places in New Zealand last night, Jay remained largely anchored to his very comfortable arm chair. Apparently the once in a lifetime event was not as easily accessible as Mr Briggs was hoping for.

“I had a look out the window but I couldn’t see it. All I could see was darkness,” he said, not aware that hundreds of stargazers were charging through the countryside in their cars to get a good spot to view the spectacle without light pollution.

“I actually went outside and walked right around my property looking at the sky. Couldn’t see anything. Shit it was cold though..”

As many people around the country marvelled at the vibrant hues of pink, purple and green illuminating the night sky, Jay was apparently re-watching episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a series that he had memorised many humourous lines from. 

“I heard people talking about the aurora again today and saw pictures on Instagram saying how breathtaking it was. It’s a shame because it would’ve been quite good to see.”

“Apparently you might be able to see it again tonight. Might have another look.”

More to come. 

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