Local Man Hastily Points Out That His Run Down Car Will “Get You From A To B”

man smiling leaning on old car



In a world where most people complain about their old vehicles, a 29-year-old Palmerston North man is reminding us that sometimes, all you need is a little optimism and a reliable old car to get by.

Jake Anderson is a concreter with a heart full of positivity and a car that’s seen better days. While most people his age are dreaming of shiny new rides, Jake passionately defends his trusty ‘98 Corolla.

“Hey, it gets me from A to B though doesn’t it”, he said confidently. 

“It’s all about perspective,” Jake says with a contented wink. “She may not be the prettiest car farting round Palmy, but she’s got piles of character and gets the job done.”

Jake’s car, affectionately named “Shaz,” has certainly seen her fair share of wear and tear. With a faded paint job, a broken tape deck, and more dents and scratches than he can count, Shaz isn’t turning heads for her aesthetic appeal. However, Jake remains steadfast in his belief that it’s the heart of the car that counts.

“Shazza’s taken me on countless adventures,” Jake continues. “From road trips to work commutes, she’s always been reliable. I’ve had her since school, and she’s never let me down.”

Jake’s positive attitude towards his car is infectious. Friends and coworkers often tease him about his beloved vehicle, but they can’t deny its unwavering reliability.

“Everyone takes the piss out of Shaz,” admits Jase, another concreter. “But I have to admit, that car has never broken down, even in the worst weather. Ol’ Shazza’s a tough old bird.”

Jake’s outlook on life while he sits behind the wheel of Shaz can be a lesson to us all. “It’s all about making the best of what you have,” Jake says. “Shaz has got a lot of life left in her, plus a strong heart and a can-do attitude.”

The interview was cut short as Jake confidently took Shaz to get a warrant. 

More to come. 

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