ABs Group Stage Match Against Italy Somehow Feeling Like A Cup Final

match preview image of all blacks player and italian rugby player


It’s safe to say that this is another fine mess the All Blacks have gotten themselves into. 

After losing their first ever pool match in World Cup history (annoyingly against the French) the All Blacks have been forced to name a full strength starting line-up to take on a team that they have famously thrashed in past years. 

While the Italian side will be feeling confidence practically bursting from their downstairs, the All Blacks are treating the match like it’s the final.

Sam Whitelock To Bring Back The Monobrow For Record Test Appearance

Sam Whitelock thinking about the days when he had a monobrow


Sam Whitelock will mark tomorrow’s record-breaking 149th All Blacks test by bringing back the “was-it-wasn’t-it” monobrow that he sported early in his test career.

Whitelock will become the most capped All Black of all time when he’s injected off the bench in tomorrow’s must-win World Cup pool match against Italy.

Those in the know say the grizzled lock takes more pride in his appearance than many might think, and considers his greying 5 o’clock shadow a signature look.

Local Man Hastily Points Out That His Run Down Car Will “Get You From A To B”

man smiling leaning on old car


In a world where most people complain about their old vehicles, a 29-year-old Palmerston North man is reminding us that sometimes, all you need is a little optimism and a reliable old car to get by.

Jake Anderson is a concreter with a heart full of positivity and a car that’s seen better days. While most people his age are dreaming of shiny new rides, Jake passionately defends his trusty ‘98 Corolla.

“Hey, it gets me from A to B though doesn’t it”, he said confidently.