Local Mum Opens Microwave To Discover Cup Of Cold Forgotten Coffee

mum retrieving cold coffee from microwave



Jenna Strawbridge, an Upper Hutt healthcare worker and mother of two, has uncovered concrete evidence of just how busy and distracted she is in her own home.

The 33 year old opened her microwave at around 5.30 last night to quickly cook some frozen peas and carrots, only to find her own cup of cold, forgotten coffee just sitting there from earlier that day.

“Ah yeah, that’s right,” she reportedly sighed to herself, while noticing how red and sore her eyes were at that moment. 

Strawbridge believes that the formerly hot drink in the microwave was proof that she hasn’t had much time for herself for the last couple of weeks. “This is a near full cup of coffee, and it is ice cold and sitting in a device that definitely heated it at some point,” she reasoned. 

“The fact that the cup is full means that I have been totally distracted with the kids and getting to work on time, and have managed to let it go completely cold without even getting to drink any of it. 

“Now it looks like I took it a step further by heating my coffee up to drinking temperature again, but then promptly forgetting about its existence entirely,” Ms Strawbridge explained, appearing exhausted by the whole thing. 

“So I’ve let the same cup of coffee go completely cold twice.”

As she scrolled AirBnB to look for some cheap accommodation somewhere quiet for a much-needed family holiday, she reflected on how her life has changed in the last few years. “I remember when I could sit down with a cup of coffee on the deck and simply enjoy it by myself. I love my family but God it would be good to just enjoy a cup of coffee like that again,” she said. 

“I know there will be people reading this and judging me for even putting coffee in the microwave in the first place. I’m going to say those people do not have children.” 

More to come.

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