Local Mum Still Expecting Dan Carter To Run Out For The All Blacks Tonight

mum looking skyward with world cup winning dan carter in background .



Vicki Matthews has left her son Troy and husband Steve in a state of utter disbelief today, after blissfully forgetting that legendary first-five Dan Carter had retired from the All Blacks many years ago.

The incident occurred a few hours before Saturday’s test match against South Africa in Auckland as Troy and Steve were preparing snacks in the kitchen. 

Vicki piped up with what she thought was going to be some good pre-game chat with her family, however her blunder ensured awkwardness that would linger in the family home for the next few hours.

“So how’s Dan Carter been going lately? Is he playing today?”

As their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads her son and husband simultaneously slapped their foreheads in disbelief. She was under the impression that Dan Carter, who hasn’t played for the All Blacks since the 2015 World Cup nearly eight years ago, had somehow been miraculously reintroduced to the squad for this year’s Rugby Championship.

“Mum. Where have you been? He hasn’t played for them in eight years!” her son Troy lamented while trying to suppress his frustration. 

“Well it’s easy for some things to slip my mind. I’m too busy cleaning up after you lot half the time,” Vicki responded, leaving her loved ones gobsmacked. 

“Darling. We’ve been watching rugby together for the past few years and you’ve clearly seen he’s not been playing. Have you had your eyes closed this whole time?” Steve responded, finding it hard to believe he’s just witnessed such a jaw-dropping state of forgetfulness. 

More to come. 

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