Local Teenager Enjoying Phone Ban After Playing Handball For The First Time

boy with tennis ball at school



15 year old Jake Billingsley has been forced out of his comfort zone this week, and has taken up the challenge of the once universally-played sport of handball. 

It comes after the Government’s ban on the use of cellphones in schools came into effect this week, meaning students on their lunch and morning tea breaks have to not only talk to each other face to face, but also find other means of entertainment in their down time.

Billingsley has only recently looked up from his phone to see that many of his peers were in fact playing a physical game of skill. 

Our reporters investigated the concrete quadrangles of various school campuses around the country.

“Have you ever had a winning streak in handball? It’s like a snapchat streak but way better.” said Billingsley.

“I started getting good at it once I trained my hand to stop instinctively going into my pocket, grasping for a phone,”

Jake’s friend Tom Timmins is enjoying his new status as king of the court.

“Normally I’d just be gaming at lunchtime, but now no one can game because of the phone ban. 

“Handball is kinda like gaming but in real life.” 

More to come. 

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