Local Winger Locks In Another Weekend Of Not Having To Wash His Rugby Gear

Very clean looking winger in front of totally mud covered team mates.



Johnny Driscoll looked like he’d stepped out of a commercial for laundry detergent following today’s club rugby match in Christchurch. 

That’s because the 25 year-old winger had somehow managed to stay miraculously clean, despite his teammates being covered head to toe in mud.

The casual observer would be forgiven for thinking that Driscoll was suiting up for the following match, as opposed to just having played 80 minutes of rugby himself. 

His teammates were in the changing rooms post match, discussing the state of their perfectly preserved winger. “Gee, did Johnny play today? Felt like we were only playing with 14 out there. I mean, he’s meant to have the ability to avoid the opposing tacklers, not avoid getting involved altogether,” said the team’s no.8, known as “Grunter” who took off his jersey coated in mud, blood and sweat.

The team’s halfback “Nuggy” shared his thoughts whilst looking over at his overly clean teammate who didn’t have a spec of mud on him. “Johnny is your family in the dry-cleaning business or something? Did your mum beat you if you ever got your clothes dirty?” which was met with a rapture of laughter from other players who were lining up to get in a shower.

“Hey Johnny, I don’t think you’ll be needing a shower today either buddy.”

More to come. 

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