Loud Person With Opinion From Small Town Selected For Local News Story

man in his 50s standing outside house in Thames New Zealand.

ALEX HICKEY | Culture 


An opinionated middle aged man is loving life after being featured in the print and online versions of his local newspaper.

John Frame, a 58 year old dentist from Thames Valley, was overheard at his local pub saying he was moving his practice to Australia because he could earn more money and have a better lifestyle.

Little did he realise Thames Times reporter Lane Whitmore was at the other end of the bar. Spotting a front page splash, Whitmore encouraged Frame to go on the record. Not that he took much convincing.

“I have useful takes on all sorts of things – I never clicked that it could be front page news. I’m gonna keep in touch with that reporter, she’ll never need to go looking for a story ever again.”

Frame has revelled in his 15 minutes of fame, including being contacted by FM Thames to regurgitate his thoughts and provoke talkback on the polarising topic.

“Everyone wants to talk about it, and that’s because this country is going down the gurgler,” Frame says.

It hasn’t gone down so well with Australian expat Fiona Lewis, Frame’s shy next door neighbour who moved from Sydney to New Zealand in 2006.

“He’s been talking about moving for 17 years and he never has,” Lewis said. “I actually moved here and have experienced the difference for myself, but because I don’t spout my opinion every chance I get then it’s not front page news.”

More to come. 

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