Mai FM Host Outraged That Helping Criminals Cover Up Crime Is Also Considered Crime



Former Mai FM morning host Nate Nauer has had a frustrating day at Auckland District Court today, as he was handed a prison sentence for money laundering. Nauer was sentenced to two years and nine months jail for the crime.

However this sentence came as a surprise to the low-ranking New Zealand celebrity, who failed to realise that being associated with a criminal gang like the Comancheros is not the best way to stay out of prison.

According to sources outside court, Nauer appeared confused as to why helping other criminals conceal their misdeeds was in itself considered a crime. 

Our reporters spoke to members of the public who shared their views on Nauer’s setencing. 

“Well we’ve just heard this lawyer is already appealing his jail sentence. I mean, that’s not going to sit well with anyone with commonsense. He’s clearly not sorry and it sounds like he doesn’t even think he’s committed a crime. He’s only sorry that he got caught!” said an unnamed witness at today’s sentencing.

Nauer had bought luxury cars with cash and registered them under other people’s names to avoid detection and hide ill-gotten gains. Ultimately though he was just a Mai FM radio host, not a seasoned criminal, but somehow randomly ended up doing criminal activity for the Comancheros.

“He just thought he’d get away with it. Probably from listening to too much Biggie”.

More to come. 

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