Man Comes To One Training And One Game And Is Never Seen Again

coach texting someone while at training



Wellington club rugby coach Craig Briggs was getting a sense of deja vu this season.

The veteran coach  once again had a decent player turn up to a rugby training early on in the season, who played the first game of the year, but then failed to turn up to another training or game since.

“I’ve called, texted and even asked some of the guys in the team if they know he’s coming again or not.

“I seem to have this each year. A guy in the team gets one of his mates to come along. Ryan I think it was this time.

“He looked good in training, and played alright at his first game. But as soon as I ask him for a commitment, we never hear from him again,” said the disgruntled coach, who was also getting annoyed at some of his uni student players saying they had to ‘study for exams’ as opposed to training.

Coach Briggs then unloaded his frustration even more.

 “I mean the guy who got him to come in the first place Shaun keeps insisting, ‘He’s just really swamped with work right now.’ Swamped? He’s a scaffolder, not an air traffic controller!” How busy can you be?”

More to come. 

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