Man Confused By Wife’s Sudden Interest In State Of Origin

giggly woman with Reece Walsh in background



Sam Kennedy, 34, had always believed his wife Libby had absolutely zero interest in rugby league, and perhaps sport in general.

However he recently noticed Libby taking an intense interest in the State of Origin, going as far as asking if Queensland Maroons fullback Reece Walsh was starting.

“I’d sort of heard her over the past few weeks during the regular NRL and her going ‘Who’s that?’ and pointing at the screen with a quizzical expression. 

“Then I’d just say ‘That’s Reece Walsh. Used to play for the Warriors and now plays for Broncos and Queensland. He’s good, fast’ – I didn’t really think much of it.

“But I was a bit perplexed when she asked a specific question about a specific player. I’m not really sure why she’s all of a sudden taken such an interest?” Sam explained, oblivious to the fact that Reece Walsh is more than a decade younger than him and earns over a million dollars a year.

Libby, defending her crush and dream boat Reece responded.

“Oh Sam, can’t a wife take an interest in her husband’s hobbies?” she asked sweetly. 

“Besides, that Reece Walsh… he’s quite the player, isn’t he?”

More to come. 

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