Man Genuinely Asks If He Can Use Afterpay To Pay For Craft Beers

man in bar attempting to pay for beers with Afterpay on his phone



Tim Jones doesn’t usually mind getting the first round of drinks for his best mate Sam.

However at a quaint bar on Wellington’s Lambton Quay, Tim nearly had a mild stroke when the bartender pushed the EFTPOS machine towards him, as it proudly displayed the amount to pay as $29.00.

Staring at the two golden looking hazy IPA’s he just ordered, he thought there’d been some sort of mistake, or that the bartender thought he ordered three in total.

“Ahh. $29? Is that right?” he asked sheepishly, not confident that there was $29 in his bank account.

“Yep, they’re $14.50 each. Quite a strong percentage these ones,” the bartender said, in an attempt to justify the daylight robbery.

“Do you guys take Afterpay?” 

“No. We don’t even take PayWave. Do you know your pin?”

As the bartender accepted his traditional form of payment, Tim couldn’t help but mutter..

“Looks like my plan to pay off a couple of beers in four instalments will have to wait. They’d better give me a good hit.”

More to come. 

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