Man Haunted By Decision Not To Hang On To Holographic Charizard

depressed man thinking about charizard pokemon card.



It is fair to say that we all have regrets in life. Things we could have done differently or not done at all. But this could not be more true for former pokemon card collector Nathan Bayley. 

As an 11 year old, Bayley came into possession of the much-coveted “holographic Charizard”, which is famously rare to this day. “I can’t believe I had that card,” said Bayley.

“I had it, and now I don’t”. 

The 33 year old was reminded of this fact today, when he saw that the card was on sale for $900 NZD. He is still painfully aware that he once held the Charizard card worth $900, which came from a nine dollar booster pack.  

“Why was I so dumb, why did I have to have such a dumb, 11-year old brain? I knew that the comic book shop in Palmy was buying holographic Charizards from kids, so I took the card in and showed it to the owner,” he explained. 

“Do you know how much he gave me for it? Fifty dollars! And I thought I’d hit the jackpot!” said the grown adult, still annoyed that he had been swindled as a child. 

“I don’t know how that weird guy at the shop sleeps at night, taking advantage of dumb kids with their stupid kid brains. Makes me sick just thinking about it,” Mr Bayley said as he continued to fixate on websites selling rare collectable trading cards. 

“I had a dream last night that I found my Charizard in a box in the garage. Mint condition, in a little plastic baggie. Then I woke up.

“This is my reality now. I just have to carry on with life knowing that I sold a $900 card for $50. What a dick.” 

More to come. 

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