Man In Office With Blue Powerade Signals Midweek Hangover

Simon Marshall with his head in his hands with blue Powerade nearby.


Simon Marshall didn’t need to say anything to his workmates this morning – his blue Powerade did all the talking. 

The 29 year old quantity surveyor from Levin may as well have put a sign up saying “Viciously hungover, do not disturb”. Whakataki Construction account manager Jake Brooks agreed to provide his witness account of this shameless display.

“Oh yep, blue Powerade for breakfast, Simon’s struggling. Classic. Called the blue ambulance”.

“See those crumbs on his chin? He’s definitely smashed a mince and cheese on the way here”, Brooks speculated. 

“God, look at him. He just does not want to be here”.

While Brooks generally looked upon Marshall with mild revulsion, he did have some level of admiration for his effort. “Good on him for coming in I suppose. Just needs to keep his head down and not attempt anything ambitious like expressing an opinion in a meeting”.

The Whakataki Times can confirm that when Simon’s manager went off site to meet a client, Simon mysteriously vanished from the office shortly after.    

More to come.

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