Man Once Again Leaves It Too Late To Start Shredding For Rhythm

slightly out of shape man with shirt off at rhythm and vines

ALEX HICKEY | Culture 


A self confessed Rhythm & Vines “frother” will once again be bringing in the New Year in sloppy nick.

Brett Jackson, 29, is a huge fan of the popular Gisborne festival, attending the last four. He’s not exactly in bad shape, but admits he probably gets his kit off a little more than his rig would justify.

“You always joke that you’ve been shredding for Rhythm, but I actually wanted to start working out for it this year. The plan was to start in September so I’d be a bit more ripped…but it just didn’t happen.”

Despite this, Jackson admits he’ll probably still go shirtless, which he never does at any other time of year.

“Yeah I don’t really know why aye, but you just get your top off. It’s accepted. I guarantee one of the boys will give me shit about getting shredded for Rhythm. I can’t wait.”

Fortunately for him, he’s not the only one. The seven friends he’s attending Rhythm with this year have had a combined three gym sessions and one run between them this year.

“We’re all pretty sloppy,” he laughs. “Next year I’ll be keen to actually shred though.”

More to come. 

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