Man Picks Rank Outsider For First Try Scorer As If He Has Some Kind Of Inside Knowledge

man on phone with Laulala bet and pic of blues prop Nepo Laulala



Braydon Mulholland was strutting around this afternoon like he had some sort of direct line to the sports gods themselves.

The 32-year-old had just placed a $10 bet on Blues prop Nepo Laulala to score first in tonight’s semi final against the Crusaders, with Laulala paying a whopping $51 to do so.

While technically you could say there is a one in 30 chance of Laulala dotting down for the first try, there is absolutely no logical reason nor proven history that he will be the one to score first. Generally the outside backs are the ones who score the opening try, and most likely it’ll be from the favoured home team, the Crusaders.

Mulholland however was resolute about his selection.

“I just think if the Blues keep it tight in the forwards, then rumble it up, then he’ll be the one to score first up. Easy as,” he explained, with the confidence of someone who had an inside tipoff that ruled out the lethal backlines on both sides.

Mulholland, who clearly fancies himself as the king of sports betting, was coy on how he came to the conclusion Laulala will score first.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to trust your instincts, even if it means going against the odds. While he’s paying $51, it’s more simple than that in my mind. Blues will keep it tight, then he’ll roll over that white line. Try time!”

Mulholland declined to comment on how many first try scorers he had successfully tipped this season.

More to come. 

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