Man Returning From Holiday Quietly Relieved His Home Hasn’t Been Totally Ransacked By Criminals

man relaxed as tv is still in place.



Before Simon Morgan went for his week-long trip to Taupo earlier this month, he made sure he took all the necessary steps to keep his house and its contents secure. Doors were locked, windows checked, and the security alarm was set, all so he could have peace of mind and enjoy his holiday. 

There was no reason at all to think that his property would be violently broken into by a band of desperate criminals. Partly because Morgan was living in a good part of Palmerston North, but mainly because the house was locked up and protected. The opportunity for an easy burglary simply wasn’t there.

And Morgan did enjoy his time in Taupo. The lake was beautiful and it was a great chance for him and his partner to catch up with friends and family. 

But for some strange reason, as he arrived home and was unlocking his front door to go back inside, the thought suddenly struck Mr Morgan that perhaps some morally reprehensible degenerates had broken into the home he had worked hard for, and stolen all his valuable possessions. 

“As I was turning the key, this thought just hit me like ‘ooh I hope all my stuff is still sitting there in my house’. Haven’t seen any of it for a week, so it actually could have been taken by some no good, low-life scumbags,” he recounted. 

“When I got through the front door and I was in the kitchen, I automatically began rushing to the lounge to check if the TV is still there. 

“The lounge looked exactly as I had left it a week ago, nice and tidy, and the TV was still sitting there in its normal place,” he said, smiling.

Morgan explained that his brief panic was all internal, so partner Chelsea could not see that he suspected his home had been pillaged by a rabid pack of animals with nothing good to contribute to society. 

“Nah Chelsea didn’t suspect anything was wrong. As soon as I saw the TV still sitting there, the heart rate dropped back down to normal, and all was good.” 

More to come.

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