Man Starting On Beers At Midday Under Impression He’ll Make It To Midnight  Countdown

man sitting in sun on deck enjoying beer



Brad Owens, a 25-year-old from Wellington, is embarking on a New Year’s mission of epic proportions in the Coromandel this year.

Armed with an 18-pack of Heinekens, Brad had become fully convinced that starting on beers at midday was the key to making it to the midnight countdown with both wit and wits intact.

After returning from the supermarket with enough alcohol to last a few days, at 12:02pm Brad cracked open a beer, which piqued the interest of his mates nearby..

“Whoa Brad, starting already? I reckon we can pace ourselves mate. It’s all about the marathon, not the sprint, right?”  said his concerned  mate who had yet to face the perils of a twelve-hour beer-a-thon.

“I’m in my prime mate!! This is a stroll in the park. Midnight is a mere pitstop on my night ahead!” Brad explained, failing to forget the past three New Years he had been in bed before 10 o’clock.

As our reporters went to question Brad more, he was seen trotting off to the fridge to start on his second one in less than 15 minutes.

More to come. 

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