Man Weighs Up Origin Dead Rubber With Being Dangerously Tired On Thursday

man on couch with nsw jersey thinking about origin 3.



Ashton Bowden is already drained and bleary-eyed after what has felt like a long week.

But the 27 year-old scaffolder from Christchurch isn’t quite ready to hit the hay just yet, as State of Origin 3 is starting in the next few hours in Sydney.

Despite being exhausted already from a full day of work in the biting cold, Bowden is seriously weighing up watching the third game between NSW and Queensland. This is despite the series already being totally gift-wrapped and handed to Qld, 2 nil, a less than ideal situation for his beloved Blues team.

Given Origin has a habit of starting well past its scheduled start time of 10:05pm (NZT) and not finishing until well past midnight, Bowden would likely be dangerously tired for his job, which he gets up for at 5:30am on weekdays.

“Well if they actually started on time for once, then maybe I won’t be so tired in the morning. But it’ll be a good game, NSW won’t want a 3-0 whitewash, so they’ll be up for it,” said Bowden, forgetting the Blues were given a hiding last game and have most of their best players out injured.

The reality is, Bowden will likely stay up and watch the whole match, making himself needlessly tired for his physical job, all because he has an interest in a very Australian-orientated sporting event.

“Oh well, I may not be able to function as a normal human being tomorrow. Dead rubber or not, I reckon it’s worth staying up for and they’ll be wanting to build momentum for next year. Go the Blues!”

More to come. 

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