MATARIKI LONG WEEKEND: Man Reschedules Saturday Morning Hangover For Friday

man staring off into distance with matariki stars in background.



With Matariki weekend kicking off this Friday, Taranaki road worker Dan Anderson will be making the most of the extra time off. 

On a normal week Anderson would totally write off his Saturday morning with a headache of varying severity. But with the public holiday on Friday, he’s now able to bring his planned hangover forward a day, freeing up his Saturday morning for something potentially wholesome.

As he stood at one of the high tables at The Local Sports Bar in Hawera, the 19 year old took some time to reflect, as is part of his long-standing Matariki tradition. 

“Thursday’s turned into Friday basically, so that’s why I’m here drinking. Pay day was actually today for me, so there’s fresh food for the pokies,” he said triumphantly.  

With the extra day off looming, the young man from Stratford played it cool, keeping his options open to whatever the weekend may bring. 

“Yeah not sure what I’ll do. Won’t feel like Saturday morning without a slightly throbbing headache of some sort,” said Mr Anderson as he made his first beer disappear. 

“Could get up for a run, do some exercise of some sort, who knows? World’s my oyster. Could just get back on the piss!”

After disappearing for 20 minutes, Anderson returned victoriously from the gaming lounge, having amazingly turned twenty dollars into four hundred. 

It then became clear that tomorrow morning’s hangover could in fact be a two-dayer anyway. 

More to come. 

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