Michael Wood Has Still Not Taken Out Rubbish After Being Asked 12 Times

michael wood with full rubbish bin in the kitchen



Transport Minister Michael Wood has an uncanny ability to say he’ll do something, delay it, and then forget about it altogether.

Wood’s latest saga is one of household negligence, where he allegedly failed to take the kitchen rubbish to the outdoor bin, despite being asked to do so 12 times by his wife.

After being kindly reminded multiple times that the rubbish bins needed urgent attention, Wood reportedly gave half-hearted promises to take them out, before then moving on to something else that was not as important.

Minister Wood appeared surprised as the subject was approached once again. “Oh, the rubbish! Sorry I just forgot, but I was about to do that. Look, just leave it with me. I’ll do it soon,” Wood said to his wife apologetically.

It is not the first time Wood has been asked to do something of importance multiple times to no avail. The suspended Transport Minister was also asked 12 times to sell his $13,000 worth of Auckland Airport shares, as it’s a direct conflict of interest with his role. 

The scandal has interestingly not been reported as a clear case of corruption, and has instead been described in terms of forgetfulness, incompetence and general stupidity. 

Like Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, Wood’s wife’s patience was wearing thin with the serial procrastinator.

“Such a simple task! How many times do I need to ask him to do it?” she asked, not acknowledging that she herself has had to update her declaration of financial interest in the airport as an Auckland City Councillor. 

Mr Wood however still could not explain why he was unable to carry out a simple but important task, let alone why taxpayers should trust him to manage their money responsibly. 

“Yeah yeah onto it, doing it now. Don’t worry, leave it with me,” he said in a state of frustration that could have been entirely avoided if he had just done what he was meant to do in the first place.

More to come. 

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