Millennial Reaches Middle Age After Finding Out Scribe’s The Crusader Is Twenty Years Old

man looking out the window sadly with Scribe's Crusader in the background.



Normally when you think of “middle age”, you think of people in their forties, fifties and early sixties. But for 32 year old Rory Ludlam, a midlife crisis could be coming for him just around the corner. 

The millennial officially made his early entry into middle age this morning, when he found out that Scribe’s debut album The Crusader, will be twenty years old this year, having been released way back in October 2003. 

“That came as quite a shock, twenty years! Crazy…gah, poor old Scribe though eh,” said Ludlam as he shook his head thinking about a doco he’d seen about the rapper. 

The Palmerston North man had no right to be shocked by the 20 year anniversary, as he has a vivid memory of getting the album for his birthday while he was in intermediate. “Yep, well it definitely has been twenty years. I remember unwrapping the CD on my twelfth birthday,” he said.  

“No point trying to run away from reality. Makes me feel old though, far out.

“Think I’m getting a sore back now that I think of it. Only started feeling it this morning,” said Ludlam as his own mortality became painfully obvious. 

“Thirty two years old and what do I have to show for it? Ahh sorry, think I need to go for a walk,” he said, cutting the interview short and leaving the house in his blue jeans and white New Balances.

As he wandered into middle age as a 32-year-old, we can only hope that the 20 year anniversary of the classic album is just the wake up call that the Palmerstonian needed.   

More to come. 

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