MP Annoyed To Find Out She Still Has To Pay For Things

golriz ghaharaman with shoplifting allegation headlines



Golriz Ghahraman, a prominent Green Party MP and human rights lawyer, has found herself entangled in a scandal that has left her both annoyed and baffled. 

Ghahraman, who like most MP’s doesn’t have to pay for a single thing while raking in a $170,000 a year salary, found out the hard way today.

The incident allegedly unfolded during the festive season at Scottie’s Boutique, an exclusive haven for the fashion-forward elite in Auckland, where it is alleged Ghahraman failed to pay for an item of clothing there.

“I just didn’t realise I had to exchange actual money for something,” Ghahraman told our reporters, accustomed to the perks of being an MP, where everyday expenses are usually footed by taxpayers.

“Surely people can see this is a bit of a mistake right? Can’t people see I’m just not used to basically paying for a single thing?” Ghahraman asked, seemingly blindsided by the concept of paying for goods during a day of shopping.

The Green Party, forced to address the embarrassment head-on, released a statement acknowledging the allegations and confirming Ghahraman’s temporary withdrawal from all portfolio responsibilities.

Before being taken away by police, Ghahraman made one parting comment – “Actually though, in 2024, why are we still putting up with this capitalism that forces people to pay for things with money? Do better Aotearoa” she scoffed.  

More to come. 

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