Mum Hinting That Adult Children Staying For Xmas Should Maybe Consider Going Home Now

mum annoyed by adult children fighting



The holiday harmony turned into a symphony of chaos for Tauranga mother Claire Hill today. The 59-year-old found herself entangled in a web of mayhem orchestrated by her adult children — Zoe, 28; Daniel, 27; and Emily, 23. 

The trio, usually scattered between Auckland and Wellington for work, descended upon the Hill family home for a festive summer reunion.

“It’s like living in a tornado,” Claire confided, adjusting her spectacles and sighing deeply. “I love my kids, but I’m not used to them all being at home at the same time.”

The breaking point came when Claire heard Zoe and Emily fighting for what seemed like the 100th time about whose iPhone charger was whose.

“Zoe, Emily, can you please shut up? You can both go back to Wellington if you’re going to continue to carry on like this!” Claire said in desperation.

Feeling like she’d defused the situation, Claire’s blood began to boil once more as her son Daniel began his second shower of the day, and piled up more unnecessary washing he expected his mother to do for him.

More to come. 

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