Napier’s New Rooftop Bar Somehow Fails to Replicate Melbourne Vibes

napier rooftop bar on cloudy night

ALEX HICKEY | Culture 

The new “jewel in the crown” of Napier’s hospitality scene has punters questioning if there’s any point having rooftop views of its main street.

The city’s new rooftop bar, creatively named Rooftop, was pitched as offering majestic skyline and cityscape views, similar to the iconic rooftop bars of Melbourne and New York.

However, those at the launch are scratching their heads, with a carpark blocking a significant part of the sea and a Briscoes taking up much of the remaining view.

“I like Tennyson Street as much as the next girl, but the best thing you can see from this angle is a few half price couches,” Courtney Boland observed.

“I can see my car from here and I haven’t paid for parking, so at least I can run down when I see the ticket guy coming,” said a more upbeat Simone Featherstone.

New owner Tim Donohue was defensive when asked if the venue had over-promised its “premium” positioning. 

“Take two steps to the left. See between the Opera House and the bank building? Sea views baby,” he said.

“You can’t get that anywhere else.”

With an estimated fit-out cost of more than $800,000, the question remains why it was needed in the first place.

More to come. 

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