National Party Leader Stocks Up On Hellers Snags And Wakachangi Beer For Election BBQ

Leigh Hart as christopher luxon with hellers snags and wakachangi beer



Christopher Luxon has made another bold decision as leader of the National Party, stocking up exclusively on Hellers sausages and Wakachangi beer ahead of his election day barbie.

Instead of opting for an assortment of gourmet dishes and fine wines, Luxon decided to go for something that resonates with everyday kiwi battlers.

“Gidday maaaate” Luxon greeted our reporters, stocking up his fridge for his election party on Saturday night, where he is hopeful of becoming Prime Minister.

“Hellers and Wakachangi lagers, it’s the taste of the common Kiwi. Who needs camembert and brie when you can have a few beers and saussies instead?” said Luxon, glugging back a lager with a Hellers snag in hand.

“Our party is all about practical solutions for good, honest kiwis. Just like this combo – simple, no-frills, and down-to-earth. Funny that.”

Our reporters quizzed Luxon on why he chose Wakachangi beer.

Quite nice beer. Don’t ya think?” he replied.

“What better way to celebrate an election win than with good food and drink that great New Zealanders truly appreciate.”

Luxon was later seen offering samples of his cooked sausages to random people around the neighbourhood and asking their opinions on them.

More to come. 

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