“Never Lost Faith” Says Bloke Who Definitely Doubted The Warriors Last Week

man in warriors hoodie smiling with winning warriors in background



Jayden Higgins, a self-proclaimed lifelong fan of the New Zealand Warriors, has firmly declared he “never lost faith” in his team following their shock upset against the three-time defending champions, the Penrith Panthers, at Suncorp Stadium yesterday.

For the past month, the Warriors have limped through a five-game losing streak, their roster decimated by injuries. They entered yesterday’s game without Shaun Johnson, RTS, Tohu Harris, Rocco Berry and a number of other players.

Many fans and analysts had written them off as they prepared to face the seemingly invincible Panthers side. But none was more vocally skeptical than Higgins, whose passion for the team seemed to wane with each successive defeat recently..

“Honestly, with the way they’ve been playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t win another game this season,” Higgins lamented to his mates at the pub last Friday.

“I mean, half our team is out, and we’re up against the Panthers? No chance.”

Yet, as the Warriors pulled off a thrilling come from behind victory, Higgins’ tone remarkably shifted. As the final whistle blew, with the Warriors sealing a 22-20 upset  win, Higgins’ social media strangely exploded with passionate declarations of unwavering support.

“WARRIORS 4 LIFE! I always believed in the boys!” he posted, alongside a selfie of himself draped in a Warriors flag that had been conspicuously absent in recent weeks.

 “Never doubted them for a second! Knew they had this in the bag! Up the Wahs!”

It remains to be seen whether Jayden will remain this passionate should the Warriors drop a game against the Dolphins this Sunday.

More to come. 

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