New Zealand Rugby Confirms Haka Will Not Be Replaced With Traditional English Folk Dancing

all blacks haka in front of traditional morris dancers



The New Zealand Rugby union has put some New Zealanders’ minds at ease today.

Chief Executive Mark Robinson confirmed the All Blacks traditional pregame haka will not in fact be replaced by a strange rhythmic dance called Morris dancing, a form of English folk dance.

The confirmation comes as rumours swirl from an outraged social media mob that the haka will be canned or replaced altogether. 

Addressing the whimsical notion that the haka might be replaced by the peculiar old-English tradition, which would involve all players getting bells fastened to their legs, Robinson dismissed the rumours.

“While English folk dancing is undoubtedly entertaining, we are firmly committed to the powerful and symbolic tradition of the haka,” stated Robinson, lightening the atmosphere at the press conference.

Various online platforms have been ablaze with claims that the haka was on the verge of being canned or substituted entirely, causing a stir among fans. In response to the digital uproar, particularly on ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter, Robinson clarified, “Social media tends to be a breeding ground for misinformation. Rest assured, the haka remains an integral part of our rugby heritage.

“The haka is not just a performance; it’s a deeply rooted expression of our culture and identity. We understand its significance to our players and fans alike. 

“Is there anything better than a fired up All Blacks team under pressure, smashing out their haka with pure anger?”

More to come. 

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