Newlywed Woman Begins Facebook Photo Spam Journey

woman scrolling through facebook seeing wedding photo



It is fair to say that Kelly McIntosh’s Facebook page is now more crowded than her own wedding reception was.

The 27 year-old has just posted what seemed like the 1000th photo of her “magical day” with her “one and only”, seen mainly by friends who weren’t actually invited. 

After what was meant to be a private wedding with close friends and family, Mrs McIntosh decided to share every single moment of her special day on social media.

Friends of the proud new wife described what it was like to bear the full brunt of her relentless posting on social media.

“Her wedding day was like a month ago and we’re still getting new photos every couple of days. It’s like I’m subscribed to a regular mailing list of her wedding photos,” said friend Tara Brownlie as she scrolled through yet another flurry of recently uploaded photos. 

Tegan Gilligan, who has also seen the flood of wedding content, echoed the same concerns.

“It started off innocently enough when we were just getting the best photos of her and her husband Damian at the altar. The first day we got like the top 20. But as the weeks went on, it was like we were getting every single snapshot the photographer took.

“There’d be pictures of them kissing, cutting the cake and doing their wedding dance. Random photos of guests. Like, I’m happy for her, but I also kind of want to unsubscribe from this,” said Ms Gilligan, only half-joking. 

“If they have a baby, then I’ll have to close my Facebook account”.

More to come. 

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