Office Jock Overly Keen To Enter A Work Indoor Netball Team

man in office thinking about indoor netball



Ben Macaskill appears to be significantly more enthusiastic about forming a social sports team than carrying out the duties of his current job. 

The 31 year-old who works as an auditor at an accounting firm in Christchurch floated the idea to a colleague in the work kitchen on his lunch break.

“I’ve been thinking about entering a work team in a social netball league. What do you think Tracey? If we get me, you, Katie and Dave. Getting close to a team. Anyone else in the office you know play? Probably need more females.”

Macaskill, who has taken sport quite seriously in his life, is keen to give his colleagues a first hand look at how much of an athlete he is, in addition to telling them how good he is or was during general office chat.

“Yeah I mean sure, but we’ll need a few more though Ben. I don’t think Rosie will be keen, she’s never played sport,” said his colleague Tracey.

“Don’t worry about it. She’ll be fine. She can just play wing-D and we can always get some fill-ins. I’ll enter a team for us today,” Macaskill concluded, still to confirm the makeup of his mixed social team, which will definitely need at least four girls and three guys from their office of 15 people, who are predominantly snowed under with their actual work.

More to come. 

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