Old Friends Inevitably End Up Spending All Night Naming Old Warriors Players

men drinking with warriors players behind them



A simple catch up between 33-year-old mates, Mark Hickey and Ryan Duff, turned into an all-night saga which was fueled by the nostalgia of Warriors players from yesteryear.

As both caught up with the day’s news, specifically today’s team naming of the Warriors side to play the Storm, a spark ignited in Mark’s eyes.

“Mate, remember Ali Lauiti’iti?” he asked, as a grin spread across his face.

“Oh what a player! What a player! Remember Jerry Seu Seu and Awen Guttenbeil?” replied Ryan, then starting to visualise famous Warriors come from behind wins from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

As they each enjoyed another sip of their Lion Red they began to rattle off names like a well oiled machine. 

“Francis Meli!” cried Mark, nearly spilling his beer in the process.

“Sione Faumuina!” 

“Jerome Ropati!”

As Hickey started to reminisce on Stacey Jones’ 2002 NRL grand final try, he blurted.


More to come. 

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