One Eyed Cantab Storms Into Tattoo Parlour To Get “Crusaders 2023 Champions” Tat

one eyed cantab in tattoo getting crusaders tattoo



Craig Chamberlain has decided to immortalise the Crusaders 2023 championship on his skin, hours before the Super Rugby final has even taken place.

The 56 year-old from the Christchurch suburb of Shirley has again shown unwavering faith over the past few weeks, camping out in the CBD ahead their victory parade, and now opting to ink a tattoo which reads ‘Crusaders 2023 Champions’

Ahead of the final where the Crusaders will take on the Chiefs in Hamilton, Chamberlain rushed off to the nearest tattoo parlour to make the vision etched in his mind permanent.

With a grin stretching from ear-to-ear as if the final had already taken place with the Crusaders coming out victorious, Chamberlain held out his forearm and said to the tattooist.

“Crusaders 2023 Champions right here please.”

Caught off guard, the tattooist replied.

“Are you sure mate? The final hasn’t even taken place yet. It could be the Chiefs.”

“I said. “Crusaders 2023 Champions” right on this arm here please,” Chamberlain said with his blood pressure beginning to rise.

The tattooist then quickly went about his work, inking in Chamberlain’s ultimate testament to a predetermined Crusaders victory. 

More to come. 

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