One Headache Clearly Not Enough As Bloke Attempts Weekly Grocery Shop While Very Hungover

man holding head in supermarket, while thinking of beers.



Duncan Rodden woke up with a bone cracking hangover this Sunday morning, which came on after consuming approximately one dozen beers and a handful of pints in town.

Stumbling towards the kitchen after waking up past midday, the Christchurch native soon realised his pantry and fridge were very much empty, meaning he’d have to make the dreaded Sunday trip to the supermarket ahead of a full working week.

Dragging his lifeless body to Riccarton Mall’s Pak n Save, the bright lights of the large shopping centre and general busyness made him instantly nauseous and his headache much worse.

“Gee, is it always this busy here on a Sunday?” Rodden asked, hoping nobody would notice he had been visibly affected by a huge night of alcohol consumption.

After naturally forgetting his shopping list, he proceeded to grab some vegetables and a handful of items that he was able to remember, conceding to himself that he was definitely not going to remember everything.

Not in any state to go to the self checkout, Rodden made his way to a checkout operator, but stopped dead in his tracks as he experienced a frightening flashback to all the rounds of drinks he had put through on his card last night. He then started to fear that this transaction at the counter may not go through.

After breathing an extra sigh of relief when his payment was successful, Duncan began making his way home. But as he pulled into his driveway he’d realised he’d forgotten to purchase himself a blue Powerade and some panadol, meaning his hangover would more than likely carry on well into Monday.

More to come. 

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