Polling Shows Surge In Support For Tim Naki As Preferred Prime Minister



Tonight’s 1News Verian Poll has shown a jump in support for Tim Naki, a man who the New Zealand public now rates as one of the top people they want as Prime Minister.

The nation and world has been stunned by the meteoric rise of Tim.Naki, also known as Tim Myers, an online content creator and gambler whose rise to prominence came through his blackjack betting win streak.

Naki has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram who watch him play online Blackjack, where he bets 10 cents for every follower, meaning his bets on the table are in the hundreds of thousands now. His cult following has led to people speculating about if and when he will make the move into politics. 

Our reporters spoke to Kiwis on the street who shared their views on why Tim Naki would make a great Prime Minister.

“Honestly, I think it’s refreshing. The cool thing is he’s totally transparent about his gambling habit. Unlike some politicians who are secretly and shamefully gambling away our tax dollars,” said Kate Wilkes of Wellington.

“Maybe this self-described degenerate will bring some much-needed excitement to New Zealand politics,” she mused. 

“He might even place some bets on policy decisions, which would be a fresh approach and would definitely make things interesting.”

Todd Rhind, an avid fan and follower of Naki, echoed Kate’s comments

“He’d make a good Finance Minister and get the country’s books back in the black wouldn’t he? Would be great to literally have someone putting their money where their mouth is.”

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