Queenstown Airport Shuttle Driver Sick To Death Of Picturesque Scenery

Bored older man at Queenstown airport



It is clear that 60-year-old airport shuttle driver Joseph Cunningham has started taking the beautiful part of the world he lives in for granted.

The man has been driving tourists to and from Queenstown Airport for the last 30 years and appears to have had a gutsful. “God, I’m sick and tired of hearing people say things like ‘You can’t complain about coming to work each day and seeing that, ay?’, and then they’ll point  towards some snow-capped mountains.

“Well actually I have plenty to complain about this repetitive job, and seeing those bloody mountains each day does nothing to make it any better!

“Boring when you think about it. Just great big rocks with a bit of snow on them,” grumbled the man who is definitely overdue for a holiday. 

Our reporters caught a ride with Cunningham after a damaging company piss trip in Queenstown.

“Yeah look I would say that I definitely do take all this for granted. But can you blame me? I’m seeing these mountains and lakes every day and all I can associate it with is this bloody driving job,” explained Mr Cunningham.

“I literally drive backwards and forwards along the same road dozens of times a day. Could probably do it blindfolded if I wanted.

“There is plenty of other work around at the moment though, thanks to the tourism industry being shot to pieces in the last couple of years. Except I don’t know if anyone’s going to want an old bugger like me slowly working in their bar or cafe.

“Five years to retirement though, think I can stick it out here. Not sure if I’ll stay Queenstown or not. But perhaps when I’ve finished working then the place will seem beautiful again,” mused the jaded commercial transport provider.

More to come.

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