Quiet Guy In The Office Makes A Splash With Large-Scale Purchase Of Christmas Cookies

Dave Gallagher has impressed by purchasing four buckets of CookieTime Christmas cookies

Dave Gallagher isn’t used to causing this much of a stir. 

The 47 year-old credit controller from Hamilton’s Data-Corp was the toast of the office today, with his spontaneous purchase of 1.2kg of CookieTime Christmas Cookies.

“Make it four!” yelled the now office legend, reaching for four 300 g buckets, one of each of the available varieties. This was after polishing off samples supplied by the two CookieTime representatives, dressed as elves.

Gallagher’s colleague Sandra Brunning, 36, said she’d never seen this side of Dave before.

“We talk on a professional basis, and to be honest I’ve always thought he was a bit of a wet blanket. But when I heard this yahooing from the other side of the office when he made his purchase, I’ve gotta say I found myself getting a bit excited, y’know, a bit hot and bothered!

“I dunno, there was just something sexy about the way he brazenly bought an excessive quantity of biscuits!”

Data-corp employees generally only purchased one bucket or politely declined, which left the gate wide open for Gallagher to step up and make a real impact.

Sophie Brunson, 19, a part time employee of CookieTime, said it was the most rock solid purchase she’d ever seen. 

“I mean usually I’m coming back a couple of weeks later and chasing these people up, who are then usually out of the office on annual leave. But this guy, without hesitation, just demands four buckets, slams his credit card on the table and pays for them on the spot. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

As he wiped the cranberry and white chocolate biscuit crumbs off his lips, Gallagher took the time to talk to the Whakataki Times reporters who were first on the scene. 

“So ah… who likes cookies?” cackled the now office legend, causing an eruption of laughter.

“Well someone has to help me. I can’t eat them all on my own!” 

Tongues have now been wagging in the office to see who Gallagher, a recent divorcee, will be sharing his buckets of glory with.

More to come.

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