Ram Raider Pulls Over For Police Car Instead Of Thinking He Was Playing Grand Theft Auto

man with police car in background.



Auckland based ram raider Jayden Giles has miraculously avoided injury by coming to the curious realisation that reality is different from video games.

After he and three accomplices smashed and grabbed $300 worth of vape products from a local corner store, Giles suddenly spotted a police car in his rearview mirror. 

At that moment, he was forced to ask himself some important questions: Am I currently in the real world, or am I inside a video game? Is this the real world, where you actually have to accept the consequences of your actions? Or is this the world of a Grand Theft Auto video game, where you can recklessly drive at high speeds to escape police and happily go home and everything will be fine. 

Giles said that the policemen who arrested him and his friends seemed surprised and burmused by the whole experience. “The cops were pretty confused ay, and the boys were pissed off, screaming at me to keep going,” he explained.

“I just thought actually robbing that shop was pretty dumb ay. Probably just need to stop and say sorry”.

When asked whether he was worried about going to jail, he seemed upbeat. “Oh not too sure, but I just reckoned that lock-up’s probably better than smashing into a power pole. 

“Mean feeds in lock-up though apparently”.

Mr Giles mentioned that it had “been ages” since he had played Grand Theft Auto, which could explain why he had been thinking so rationally at that moment. 

More to come.

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