Razor Packs Flattened Cardboard Boxes In Case FMG Stadium No Good For Breakdancing

razor robertson at airport with stack of flattened cardboard boxes.



Crusaders coach Scott Robertson is again getting ahead of the game.

With tomorrow night’s Super Rugby Pacific final against the Chiefs being played away from Christchurch’s Orangetheory Stadium, a turf where he’s break-danced many championships before, Robertson wanted to ensure his team’s victory at Waikato’s FMG Stadium is met with the spectacle it deserves.

“Like any coach, you have contingency plans in motion and the post match celebrations are no different,” explained Robertson who was holding flattened cardboard boxes under his arm at the airport check in.

“I’ve been so used to the home comforts since I’ve taken over the Crusaders and we’ve never played a final in Hamilton before. Hard to know if it’ll let me spin up the same heat I’ve done in Crusader-country for so long.

“I mean it’s a less-than-ideal place for a Super Rugby final, so the last thing I need is a less-than-ideal dance surface. Better to be safe than sorry,” Robertson explained, flattening down one last cardboard box just to be safe before boarding his flight to Hamilton.

Chiefs head coach Clayton McMillan was tight-lipped about celebrations that may take place after a Chiefs victory, and simply pointed to a well-stocked fridge full of Waikato Draught.

More to come. 

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