Rogue Cricket Fan Working At Reserve Bank Prints Off $100k Worth Of King Kane Twenties

Kane Williamson on twenty dollar note



Duncan Goodham, a self-proclaimed cricket fanatic and low-level employee at the country’s Reserve Bank in Wellington, went rogue from his normal duties today, and decided to honour arguably New Zealand’s best ever cricketer Kane Williamson. 

Inspired by Williamson’s 31st test century yesterday, Goodham has immortalised the Blackcaps batsman on the nation’s currency. The cricket extremist was able to gain access to the Reserve Bank printing press, and managed to replace the face of the late Queen Elizabeth on New Zealand’s $20 note.

Our reporters caught up with Duncan in an undisclosed location. 

“Let’s forget about inflation rates; let’s talk about the unbeatable average of our cricket legend King Kane. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action in their wallets?” Goodham asked, looking over his shoulder as he spoke to us.

Williamson went past Virat Kohli and Joe Root’s test century tallies, scoring his 30th and 31st  in the same match against South Africa yesterday.

“If Kane had played the same amount of tests as Virat and Joe Root, he’d be on probably 40 tons by now. There’s all this talk about putting King Charles on our note, but gee, get with the times. The real king in town is Kane Williamson.”

Despite Goodham going completely off script, the Reserve Bank has reluctantly acknowledged the public demand for Kane Williamson banknotes, with cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the outcome of this apparent misprint. 

More to come. 

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