Seymour And Peters Complete Kindergarten Course On Sharing And Playing Nicely

winston peters and david seymour playing at kindy



David Seymour and Winston Peters are set to get along better than most New Zealanders expected. 

Both famously known for being difficult, Seymour and Peters will now take turns in the role of Deputy Prime Ministers, in a tag-team arrangement that has raised more than a few eyebrows.

It turns out that it wasn’t just the negotiations holding things up, it was also the time it took for the two new government MPs to complete a two day course in sharing and playing nicely. 

The kindergarten based course, a prerequisite for their shared role, covered essential topics such as the art of not snatching toys from one another, the virtue of sharing duplo blocks fairly, and the delicate skill of playing nicely even when someone takes your crayons without asking.

Seymour, the leader of the ACT party, proudly declared, “Winston and I are breaking new ground here. We’ve completed the Sharing 101 course with flying colours and both got gold stars for passing the course.”

Peters, known for his wry sense of humor, added, “Well, I’ve been in politics long enough, and I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to share the sandbox. It’s either that or sit in the corner with a dunce cap, and nobody wants that.

“It would be wonderful if the rest of Parliament could actually take turns during Question Time as well.”

More to come. 

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