SHOCK REVELATION: Fuck Boy On Fuck Boy Island Turns Out To Be A Real Scumbag

Wayde Moore



In news that has come as a complete shock to everyone, it has been confirmed that a contestant on TVNZ’s FBoy Island is actually a total scumbag.

Wayde Moore took advantage of a teenager’s drunkenness and was charged with suffocating last year, with the judge describing his behaviour as “deeply inappropriate and disrespectful”.

Moore then seemingly felt so remorseful about it that he decided that the most redemptive next step was to go on a reality TV show called FBoy Island, a show where three women try to work out who are ‘nice guys’ and who are ‘Fboys’ – men who only want sex and aren’t interested in committed relationships.

Our reporters sought comments from people who were suffering from shock due to the unforeseeability of it all.

“Wait, what? You’re telling me that a contestant on ‘Fboy Island’ did something like that? No way. Would have never thought!”

“Wow, it’s just honestly crazy to think that somebody on that show could be such a piece of shit! Especially given it’s on the state broadcaster!”

“You’re kidding me? How on earth could we expect something like this to happen with one of the contestants from such a well respected show with such a reputable name? It must be such a shock for the brains trust at TVNZ!”

More to come.

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