Woman Cuts To The Chase And Purposely Drops Phone Down The Side Of Her Car Seat

woman dropping phone down the side of car seat

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture  GONNA HAPPEN ANYWAY Auckland-based Hannah Hazlett is someone who always thinks she can get away with driving with her phone sitting sneakily on her lap, where she can easily look down and use it inconspicuously.  Inevitably the phone ends up sliding off her lap and hitting the floor of her car, […]

SHOCK REVELATION: Fuck Boy On Fuck Boy Island Turns Out To Be A Real Scumbag

Wayde Moore

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture  PUBLIC BROADCASTING In news that has come as a complete shock to everyone, it has been confirmed that a contestant on TVNZ’s FBoy Island is actually a total scumbag. Wayde Moore took advantage of a teenager’s drunkenness and was charged with suffocating last year, with the judge describing his behaviour as […]