Smug Millennial Fools Absolutely No One by Asking “What’s UpTheWahs?”

pink haired girl with phone and upthewahs in foreground with One NZ warriors



Pink-haired millennial Ruby Galbraith wasn’t fooling anyone in her Wellington office today.

The 28 year-old swanned into the lunchroom and asked some of her sport-oriented colleagues, “What’s ‘UpTheWahs’?” looking at her phone and seeing that the “One NZ” that was normally in the top left of her screen had been replaced by the very well-known Warriors slogan.

One NZ have confirmed today they officially replaced their network name with UpTheWahs as a nod to the team they’ve sponsored since 1999.

“Are you serious Ruby? Have you had your eyes and ears closed the whole year or something?” asked colleague Luke Gibbons, finding it impossible to believe that Galbraith had not seen or heard the popular phrase.

“Is it a sportsball thing or something?” she asked, trying to look innocent while still maintaining an air of smugness.

“Oh come on Ruby, how have you not heard of UpTheWahs? We literally say it daily and have continually said it while you’ve been present, and loudly talked about the Warriors success this season,” Gibbons replied, confused as to how Ruby would not be aware of a slogan that has united the New Zealand sports-loving masses.

Rolling her eyes and beginning to exit the lunchroom, Galbraith reluctantly remarked.

“Oookay then. Up the Wahs.”

More to come. 

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