Smug Millennial Maxes Out Smugness Saying She “Can’t Understand Why People Even Like Taylor Swift”

pink haired millennial looking smug in front of Taylor Swift concert.



Pink-haired millennial Ruby Galbraith has taken it upon herself to question the actions of hundreds of thousands of people who went online this week to try to secure tickets to Taylor Swift’s Australian tour next year.

The Wellington based Galbraith made it clear that she “couldn’t fathom” why anyone would be excited to see one of the most popular musicians in the world and eagerly wait to get tickets which were in extremely hot demand.

“I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Taylor Swift is just another one of these mainstream pop ‘artists’ producing mediocre songs that lack depth and complexity,” said Galbraith, a social media enthusiast with no musical background of her own, who was also tweeting what she had just said to her echo-chamber of followers on Twitter.

Swift’s ‘The Eras’ Tour hits Australia in February 2024, with multiple shows in Sydney and Melbourne. On top of the five sold out shows, Swift has added two more due to the unprecedented demand, further enraging Galbraith, who apparently “cannot understand” why millions of people enjoy Taylor and her music.

“She’s nothing more than a commercial pop-princess. I almost feel sorry for those people who are going to waste their time and money on her show.

“She has catchy hooks and a glossy appearance, so what? Why can’t people see through that?”

More to come. 

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