Smug Millennial Reaches New Level Of Personal Satisfaction By Pointing Out Age, Ethnicity And Sex Of Elected Prime Minister

pink haired woman standing in front of nz prime minister with beehive in background



Ruby Galbraith, a 29-year-old self-proclaimed social justice warrior achieved a new zenith of personal satisfaction today. 

“Another white, pale, stale male in power. Do better NZ.” Ruby Tweeted to her echo-chamber of followers as she sipped her ethically sourced soy latte at a cafe on Wellington’s Cuba Street.

 “I mean, come on, New Zealand, you could’ve at least tried something new, like a genderqueer, non-binary, intersectional vegan as Prime Minister!”

It appeared the pink-haired millennial couldn’t contain her excitement by pointing out that Christopher Luxon, a middle-aged man of European descent, became Prime Minister after being democratically elected by New Zealanders.

Taking a break from tweeting, Galbraith further vented her frustrations to our reporters, saying things that sounded like they would be later posted on the platform ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter.. 

“I just expected more from our so-called progressive society. We should be demanding candidates who represent every conceivable demographic, regardless of whether they have any practical knowledge of governance or the intricacies of our nation’s economy.”

Galbraith then barked “Just another white, pale stale male!” as if she’d pointed out something completely groundbreaking to anyone following her.

More to come. 

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