SPRING TIME: Warmer Weather Leads To  After-Work Beer Proposal Gathering Momentum

man in office thinking of beers



Kori Lee couldn’t hide his smile as the warm sun shone through his office window in Christchurch this afternoon.

The 29-year-old, typically stuck in his cubicle, felt uplifted after his friend Ben responded to his earlier text suggesting a post-work beer with a simple “You keen?”

” Yeah mate.. Any specific bar in mind? Sun’s out. Be weird not to,” Ben replied, understanding the hidden meaning behind Kori’s message.

Feeling at ease after reading the text, Kori informed his colleagues that his friend Ben was also interested in joining for a drink.

“Ben’s in. Anyone else want to join? Let’s embrace the spring vibe with a few fizzies,” Kori said enthusiastically to his coworkers who were sadly still engrossed in their tasks.

Kori’s excitement over the idea of buying an expensive beer at a bar stemmed from the fact that what would usually be a polite refusal from his friend for an afternoon drink had been overridden due to the pleasant spring weather.

“Be weird not to! The future is bright!”

More to come. 

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