Strung Out 7-Year-Old Enters Seventh Night on Santa Watch

tired boy looking out window for santa



The nights seem to be getting longer for Dylan Moffat, whose determination to spot Santa’s magical flying sleigh has resulted in serious sleep deprivation. 

Speaking to this reporter, the 7-year-old was visibly strung out. Eyes as red as Rudolph’s nose were the most obvious sign that this kid may have been up past bedtime, but the reality was much harsher.

“I’ve been awake all week, waiting for Santa to arrive. Mum says he hasn’t left the North Pole yet, but she wouldn’t know.”

From a small pile of cushions at the end of this bed, Moffat has a prime view of the northern skies. On that pile, Dylan’s 4-foot-tall figure has been poised for six nights, watching and waiting for a sign that Saint Nick has headed to the skies.

“If I was Santa, I’d obviously do some test flights ahead of the big night. Be stupid not to.”

A deep indent in one cushion attests to Moffat’s claims that he has been on the look-out for almost seven days. Asked how he had managed to keep his eyes open for so long, Moffat was shockingly candid. 

“At Easter, I hid all my chocolate eggs under the bed. Now, I’m eating them so I can stay up and see Santa.”

When asked for comment, parents Fiona and Gerald Moffat, expressed concern over this reporter’s presence in their seven-year-old’s bedroom. They seemed unaware, however, of their child’s chocolate-fuelled obsession with an elderly man from overseas.

More to come. 

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