Tinder Swindler Brought In To Persuade Protesters To Leave Parliament Grounds

Tinder Swindler nz protests

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National GETTING THE JOB DONE! The New Zealand Government and Police have hired well known con man Simon Leveiv, also known as the ‘Tinder Swindler’, in an attempt to convince protesters to exit Parliament grounds as the protest nears its third week. Leveiv has been the subject of Netflix’s latest documentary ‘The […]

Shoeboxes Now Out Of Reach For Wellington Flat Hunters

Lucy Webb at Wellington shoebox viewing

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National There’s more disappointment for Wellington flat hunters as the average rental price of a shoebox continues to rise. This comes as median house prices top $1m in the capital city. Seventy five people turned up to the latest viewing, a shoebox formerly home to a pair of Hush Puppies leather sandals […]

Wellington Man Pretends To Enjoy The Taste Of Very High Percentage Craft Beer

Ryan Anderson pretending to enjoy craft beer.

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | National Ryan Anderson put on the acting performance of his life on Sunday. The stage was set when the 31 year old freelance designer met friends for drinks at a painfully trendy bar in the Wellington suburb of Newtown. Anderson’s friend Jamie was ordering at the bar and asked him what he […]

Local Genius Fires Off “Can’t Beat Wellington On A Good Day” Social Media Post

Angus Williams looks at phone at Wellington's Oriental Bay.

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National “Ha geez, better check how many likes it has now.”  Even the galeforce winds would struggle to wipe the smile off Angus Williams’ face this morning.  The 28 year-old inner-city public servant had only minutes ago posted a photo of Oriental Parade captioned ‘Can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ on […]

Wellington Local Transfers $100 From Savings Ahead Of Ordering Two Craft Beers

Man transfers $100 before buying two beers.

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | National JUST TO BE SAFE. Jacob Bentley had accepted his financial fate this afternoon as he stepped into a painfully trendy bar on Wellington’s Cuba Street. Bentley, a 31-year-old plasterer currently flatting in the Wellington suburb of Mornington, made the trip into town to catch up with an old mate.  “We hadn’t […]

Wellington Law Grad Goes Full Year Without Having To Report Any Sexual Misconduct

Hannah Cooper has gone a full year without having to report sexual misconduct at a Wellington law firm

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National It has been a bewildering year for Hannah Cooper, 22, of Wellington. The Victoria University law-graduate was today celebrating her first year in the job at Randall-McClay and also celebrating the fact she went the full year without being sexually harrassed by a much older male solicitor at the firm. “Yeah, […]