Teen Who “Literally Died” Miraculously Still Alive

shocked teen girl in mall on phone



A young Gen Zed-er has defied death itself by telling her friends about the time she passed away.

Beth O’Malley was talking to a friend, casually retelling a mildly embarrassing encounter with the parents of her ex-boyfriend, when she made the stunning revelation.

“…I was just like, ‘Aaahhh’. I literally died,” she concluded.

Traditionally, people who die are unable to continue living, making O’Malley’s achievement remarkable.

On top of that, her assertion that her passing was due to nothing more than embarrassment would make it the first death to be attributed in such a way in New Zealand.

Regardless, when questioned by our reporters via Instagram direct message, she insisted it did happen.

“Oh my God, really? Ya, it was like, the worst. THE. WORST.” 

A subsequent sign of life examination, seen by The Whakataki Times, revealed O’Malley was, indeed, still alive.

It may not be the first time she has come back from the dead either. 

O’Malley’s friend, Siobhan Farrell, says she’s heard Beth make the claim previously.

“I can think of, like, five times she’s said that before. I’ve never seen her die though, so I don’t know if she’s, like, making it up or what.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing really. I die.”

More to come. 

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